Safe Handling

Baymenís Pride clams come fresh to your local store from State Certified Waters. To assure safe handling and preparation, please follow these simple guidelines.

Storing Fresh Clams

  1. Keep fresh clams cold in the refrigerator. Do not store in either fresh or salt water as it will kill them.
  2. Clams will keep for at least 4 days at refrigerated temperatures. Be sure to check the package for the harvest date.
  3. Fresh clams are alive and need to breathe. Never put live clams in an airtight container.

Preparing Fresh Clams

  1. Rinse the clams in cold running water.
  2. Before using, be sure the shells are closed. If some of the clams are slightly open, tap on them. If they slowly close, even partially, they are alive. If they donít close, they are no longer alive and should be discarded.
  3. Discard any clams with cracked or broken shells.
  4. Clams are safe to consume raw but may also be steamed, opened and baked, grilled, or cooked in other seafood dishes.